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Frequently asked questions

Far Horizon Farms prides ourselves on our Gently humanely cared for animals. So we can offer you only the finest grass fed beef for your family.
These are some of the more frequently asked questions about our farm and beef critters


How can I place a order:

Call Barbara Ann's cell 727-808-7439
Place a deposit of $500 to reserve a calf either farm raised grass fed or farm raised grain finished.
Balance is due before processing.

Make Check for deposit to:
Barbara Ann Mallett
4300 Cold Springs Road,
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683

Additionally; This is non refundable deposit. But is transferable to another family or busines partner.
Final price is determined at harvest time when calf is weighed.

Please note:
Our pampered cows sell extremely fast, & due to market price fluctuations,
beef prices will vary during the year and usually raise in cost just before harvest time.
We recommend you to lock in your calf with a $500 deposit early in the season to guarantee your calf will be available when ready.

When is harvest time for the calfs?

Our Beef will be ready to harvest around October or November.

What are the options for feed for the cows, to give my family the best wholesomeness?

Our beef critters are custom raised to your preference,
whether you want purely grass fed , or you want grass fed then finished on high quality grain.
Regardless of your choice all our calves are raised on pasture living their whole life. and are never sent to a stock or feed lot.

How do I know the calf I am buying will be healthy and drug free.

Our policy at Far Horizon Farm's is our Beef Critters welfare comes first.

It is our policy to make sure all our calfs sold meet the highest market standards.
1. No supplemental growth hormones (ever)
2. Born and Raised all their lives on 140 acres of open pastures.
3. Hay fed in winter is stored in a dry barn and fed in covered hay rings for highest quality winter feed
4. Calves are fed "chop" for 7 days when weaned, and occasionally by handful to keep calves gentle and un afraid to come close to us, so we can be certain they are healthy at all times.  Also it assures the calf will want to follow us around the farm when we need to move them around to other pastures.
5. Natural Shelter is provided for our calfs under trees, or a run in sheds for extreme weather conditions.
6.We maintain our calves on the farm  until sold continous loving care until the day we take them to go to processing.
7. We never let our mamma cows or calves be left to suffer unattended. The mental and physical well being of our beef has always been the PRIMARY driver in our care, not that the cost to keep them comfortable.
8. We keep written records on each calf, documenting IF or when medical treatment is used. We also removed the calf from the herd being sold if antibiotics or steroids are used for medical treatment, until such time that our veterinarian assures our calfs are drug free and are ready to be placed back in the herd for market.

Question: "How Much Beef can I expect from a beef Critter."

Answer: You may read the PDF document hand out that the University of Tenn Extension PB 1822 publishes,  which is very informative to new buyers- "https://extension.tennessee.edu/publications/Documents/PB1822.pdf

Question: When I purchase a beef critter how do I get my beef to the butcher or processor?

When you purchase one of our pampered beef critters directly from the farmer, "Barbara Ann Mallett",
We will send the calf to our reputable butcher, who humanely processes the beef for you and then your beef is shrink wrapped & then will freeze your beef and ship it directly to your door.  Or if you choose you can have our farm send the beef to a possessor of your choice.

Who pays for shipping and delivering of my beef to me.

Cost of shipping is deferred to the the customer.

We also would like you to invite you to explore our region.
We encourage everyone to come visit & tour our farm in North East Tennessee, so you can see first hand how our cows are care for.

While you are here you may wish to visit to;
A stay at Vsita RedTail Golf and Country Club. Or have a delicious dinner at Tributary Restaurant or dine at Suba's famous restaurant.
Or maybe you are planning on hiking or biking the Virginia Creeper Trail which is suitable even for small children.  Maybe an adventure on Grandfather Mountain off the Blue ridge parkway in North Carolina.
OR White water rafting in Erwin Tenn. on the Nolachucky river. Our area offers many attractions to visitors

You can also shop the quaint Mast General Store in Boone & Valle Cruses North Carolina, and here in Northeast Tennessee we have some of the best camping, hiking and horse back riding adventures in the country.
All within a hour of Far Horizon Farms.

Please contact for more information

See some pictures of our beautiful farm.